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We all know about the buzz created by PC remote access technology and how useful this wonderful technology is. But often we end up in an ironic situation for the current technological age. With all the solutions and the availability of lots of remote access software floating around why do we find ourselves frustrated while on the move? Sure a smartphone or laptop can help using a variety of free applications and tools available, but a smartphone cannot handle remote multitasking on your PC at home.

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And obviously most free tools have their limitations, some limit usage, some have network problems or some only offer limited features like remote back up or remote file sharing. In order to do more and get the best from remote access technology, you need to get the best software in town.

Don’t worry though not all Remote Desktop Software is paid for use, although software that is paid for using usually has better choices. The most important toolkit you will need is Microsoft TechNet, especially if you are an engineer or IT man. This subscription gives you access to some of the most powerful software in the industry, but of course this comes at a price.

You can use the TechNet tool to manage servers and virtual access tools on an old or current PC and feel the real power of remote access technology. But it isn’t always convenient for everyone and doesn’t use a variety of paid solutions to host your files on the Cloud server. But if it’s a problem accessing a PC or laptop or VPN then obviously you need a backend solution, mostly in the form of powerful software or Lite which acts as a portal.

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There are many free solutions available on the market such as Windows Live mesh or Hamachi (functioning as most VPN clients) that can be used for daily tasks. Obviously you will need a strong network when traveling and good Wi-Fi is difficult to come by on the road but might not happen while on a plane or train (even on a cruise). A reliable 3G cellular network will also be able to do the trick. Most remote software has FTP utilities while some give you total control over other PCs such as Team Viewer. Remote control software is built for specific purposes & the best tool you can find will determine your needs.

Other then this free and paid solution there are many powerful tools on the market and the new one is around the corner, the choice is yours of course. What will be the free remote tool or paid full power suite? This basically depends on your needs with regard to reliability and functionality.


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