Tech reviews don’t change more times

Without getting into the authenticity of cell phone technology news from Facebook in collaboration with HTC here are some aspects of the service you can expect and why this step needs to be discussed. Best Wishes for the device.

This is another Thursday that will change some of the more Conventions from Facebook. It was like on Thursday they changed the News feed, until then it was considered their way of communication and main staying in business. This news feed is what makes Facebook. They changed it on Thursday. Now when they invite the world with a hidden invitation to see their house on Thursday naturally there are some ripples visible in it. Are they starting a new Android-based phone? These are old questions answered after they mentioned the Android keyword.

What question is why cell phones are for self service?

It is understood that this phone is intended for a broad Facebook experience. Photos and other sharing exclusive to Facebook will be made easy, but most mobile makers already do that. Then why high investment? Inside information says that this will be a partnership with HTC and Facebook. This is at such a time when both of them look down at some imaginary barrels. They might go like that if the marketing and ability to competition is not enough.

Does this phone provide a special Facebook experience?

Even if God tells me so I won’t take it for the truth. Guys on Facebook are not stupid. They already know that there is increased competition for coveted advertising revenue. Twitter is getting closer than comfortable. Even a few smaller players also get more attention from regular viewers and advertising companies for their customized services. Facebook has taken several bold steps in recent times to thwart this threat. Their service has improved a lot with many changes in recent times. This may be another plan in that direction.

This definitely won’t have a great Facebook experience. This will be too raw even for rookie marketers. We do not expect these gimmicks from Facebook. They might have some subtle cosmetic support for Facebook but that I don’t think is the real goal. This is intended for more user information that will be able to provide mobile phones and which will streamline the users they are viewing for advertisements. After your return is fully profiled it’s easier to design the product of your choice. There are many ways in which they have done it and this I think in extension of that effort alone.

Before contradicting me it is better to think that they are currently struggling to maintain a healthy balance sheet. With the volume they use it is natural to expect a good income stream and investor returns. When they cannot do it naturally there will be doubt in every thought. They are desperately trying to provide a good income and clear doubts. It would be better if they also offer even play in terms of service but what will be important in the case of cell phones is their brand. This is a very significant problem. It is also understood that here Facebook dominates the complete agreement because they offer services for the slack brand.

How this incident turned out to be not difficult to tell. I still don’t see many prospects from this development other than some advantages in selling HTC handsets. Rest will disappear with whimpers.


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