Uma Jayaram, PhD

Voke VR


Dr. Uma Jayaram is EVP & COO. Her expertise is in the areas of virtual reality, new media, and enterprise systems. She has business experience in strategies and global partnerships for bringing products in these domains to market.

Uma has published highly influential work in the areas of Virtual Reality and AI. She is a Fellow of ASME and was honored with a LifeTime Achievement award by ISAM. She has been an invited speaker at several international conferences. Uma has been an Associate Professor in the School Of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and an affiliate Associate Professor in the School Of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University. With Dr. S. Jayaram, she cofounded the Virtual Reality Lab (VRCIM) and brought world recognition to the group’s effort in VR, CAD, visualization, and artificial intelligence methods for engineering. Uma received her undergraduate degree from IIT Kharagpur and her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech.