Trond Nilsen, PhD

Principal Research Engineer
RATLab LLC, University of Washington


Trond is a scientist, engineer, game designer, teacher, writer, aspiring entrepreneur and a student of many things. He has a PhD from the University of Washington, where he worked on ontology-driven intelligent games for teaching human anatomy, and has prior qualifications in computer science and industrial & systems engineering, including pioneering work in strategy games and command & control systems using augmented reality during his time at the HITLab NZ.
Trond is active in a number of projects and communities, including the Virtual World Society, the Virtual Reality Hackathon movement, Seattle MegaGames, the Orion’s Arm Universe Project, and the University of Washington. He is Developer Relations Evangelist at Envelop VR and an advisor to RATLab LLC. He divides the remainder of his time with interests in game design, ancient history, scuba diving, and mathematics.