Transforming Complex Healthcare Challenges with Virtual Reality

10:45 AM—11:15 AM | Hall B

This session will address how combining compassion, empathy and emerging technology can be used to transform chronic, complex health problems and help to meet the challenge of the world’s aging population head-on.   Dr. Kim will share her experience using virtual reality with her own patients and other seniors in the community to overcome social isolation and resulting deteriorating health issues.  Without regular contact, many seniors simply suffer in silence, which often allows minor health issues to spin out of control. In extreme cases, social isolation can sadly lead to needless suffering and even premature death.  Studies have shown that those who have regular conversation with caring individuals have a higher quality of life and reduced hospital admission rates. This session will show how emerging technologies like virtual reality are not an isolating experience and can be harnessed to create positive social change and solve real problems that touch millions of lives in our care.