The Many Ways VR and AR Changes Medicine and Healthcare

11:30 AM—11:55 AM | Room 404

The dental profession is a perfect spot in which to test and implement various strategies involving VR and AR.  Beginning with dental education where the opportunities are boundless, from teaching the basic sciences to simulation of cavity preparation and restoration, to examination of treatment outcomes, using virtual technologies will enhance the learning experience and refine skills. Beyond that, there is significant opportunity in patient education in the form of understanding treatments, alternative treatments and provision of informed consent for treatment.  Finally, the use of VR simply in the form of desktop management, as a way in which to integrate the various technologies used at the chairside with the patient into one visual world will expedite and enhance the quality of care.  This presentation will focus on all of these and other potential implementations of VR and AR in dentistry as an important part of healthcare. Because one is not healthy unless your mouth is healthy.