The 3 Dimensions of VR Audio

12:30 PM—1:25 PM | Room 403

Everyone can agree that VR is the future & interactive audio is finding its stride, but how & where do the two intersect? Join the founders of — Chris Hegstrom and Jesse Holt — as they moderate a panel of VR audio professionals.

Hear from a 360 cinematic sound designer, an AR composer, a game engine audio programmer specializing in VR, the worlds most famous interactive composer who started his own VR studio and an expert in audio for VR installations and innovation. The audience will learn about the dimensions of audio in this new medium and what it will look & sound like in the future.

Panelists include:
Andrea Chang, Microsoft
Brendan Hogan, Impossible Acoustic
Aaron McLeran, Epic Games
Marty O’Donnell, Highwire Games
Chanel Summers, Syndicate 17