Sonya Kim, MD, MBA

CEO & Founder
One Caring Team


Dr. Kim, a Board-certified Emergency Physician and an experienced entrepreneur, earned her MD from SUNY Stony Brook and her joint MBA from Columbia Business School and UC Berkeley. She founded One Caring Team in 2014 and has focused on bringing VR to bear on one of the most difficult chronic care problems: dementia. Current research proves VR not only reduces pain, but also anxiety and depression which are key areas of dementia. Pilot studies are scheduled to begin in 2016. Prior to One Caring Team, Dr. Kim was the Founder and Medical Director of Best MD House Calls where she delivered personalized medical care at the comfort of patients’ homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through her medical house calls, Dr. Kim discovered a link between social isolation and a decrease in the quality of life in aging adults. One Caring Team’s mission is to address this condition and reduce health care costs associated with this demographic and, more importantly, rejuvenate our elders’  hope for regular meaningful connections with others who care. In her medical career, she has taken care of over 40,000 patients at level I trauma centers, level II trauma centers, and urgent care settings. Her mission in life is to inspire others to live in other centric universe with compassion where we could all experience greater level of happiness.