Shark Tank– IMMERSE Style

4:30 PM—5:30 PM | Hall B

Watch as 5 start ups pitch their business to top  Venture Capital firms trying to win an in-person meeting with each of them.

See what “sharks” from Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital and Qualcomm Ventures are interested in, and the kinds of questions they drill down on.

More than 30 startup businesses have applied for the chance to pitch their business to top  Venture Capital firms. Five will be selected to take the stage at IMMERSE to  win an in-person meeting the “Sharks,” AND 2 Radeon-powered PCs from AMD to help their ongoing development efforts.

Contestants will be announced soon.

Moderated by Todd Hooper, VREAL


Bill Richter, Madrona Venture Group;  Steve Hall, Vulcan Capital; Richard Tapalaga, Qualcomm Ventures