Nick Hedley, PhD

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography
Simon Fraser University


Dr. Hedley has been researching geovisualization and interfaces for over 14 years, and virtual environments / mixed reality for a decade or so. He simultaneously works in the areas of new interface technology design, empirical human interface use evaluation, and the development of new theories about how humans engage information and each other through these technologies. His current research emphasis is on geospatial tangible augmented reality (GeoSTAR), mobile geospatial augmented reality, and serious games applied to real geographic problems.

In addition to academic research, Dr. Hedley has consulted for numerous major organizations in broadcasting, public education and the movie industry. These include the British Broadcasting Corporation (UK), Broken Hill Proprietary (Australia) and for several well-known science museums, including the Museum of Science (Boston, USA). He was the designer/creator of the augmented reality exhibit seen in the popular museum exhibit Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination – which toured North America between 2005-2008, and internationally between 2009 and 2012