Lisa Castaneda

Foundry 10


Lisa Castaneda is a co-founder and the CEO of foundry10, a not-for-profit research organization that studies learning.  She has a Masters degree in Education and taught in grades K-8 for ten years. At foundry10 she has been very focused on expanding how people think about learning with children from preschool-high school. Last year she designed an exploratory case study of VR in a high school classroom in Shoreline, WA.  This year, she and her team are running a pilot VR program in six different schools looking at the actual implementation and use of VR in the classroom setting (updates can be found here

Qualitative data is being collected from the teachers and students at all of these schools.  In addition, the organization will be running an experimental study exploring learning in VR versus traditional environments. Lisa is extremely interested in virtual reality’s potential to enhance learning in everyday classroom settings.