Jesse Holt



Jesse Holt has been part of the Casual Games industry since its inception. Jesse joined GameHouse in 1999 from Glenn Sound, a Seattle-based post-production studio, where he worked as an Assistant Audio Engineer. While at GameHouse, Jesse was in charge of the creative direction of all released downloadable games including the award-winning Collapse franchise. In 2004 RealNetworks acquired GameHouse and Jesse continued leading audio content development for downloadable games as well as for the budding new Mobile Games Division.

In 2009, Mr. Holt left GameHouse and became a founding member of the Game Audio Alliance, a team of Audio Designers dedicated to building community and providing first-class audio content to a wide variety of game developers. In 2010 Mr. Holt joined the staff at DoubleDown Interactive, a maker of casual casino games, as Audio Director where he oversaw the creative direction of over thirty online slot games. Jesse Holt is a recognized leader in audio design for casual games and is a frequent speaker at Casual Connect, the industry’s primary conference.