Providing a View Under the Sea to Improve Productivity and Worker Safety

12:00 PM—12:25 PM | Room 404

Operating underwater is difficult, expensive, and dangerous. While operating undersea is a fundamentally 3D activity, most common operating picture graphic interfaces available require the observer to transpose mentally the 2D provided information into the 3D mental model. Leveraging various bathymetric maps, nautical charts, sonar, and video, Booz Allen developed OceanLens to give sight to the blind. Through OceanLens. Booz Allen has build a virtual world undersea based on real data on the ocean’s contours. We have augmented this world with real-time sensor input, from vehicle traffic, to video and sonar feeds forming a realistic view of space underwater. With the ability to overlay static and dynamic objects and fuse multiple geographic based data sets, Booz Allen envisions using this technology to provide the foundation for underersea operations from repair planning, autonomous system routing, to remote operations.