Greg Howes



Earth’s Geekiest Builder.   Greg Howes is the CEO of IDEAbuilder, a technology-driven construction company integrating immersive technologies, cloud-based design and robotics into the building industry.  He is a partner at CutMyTimber, a timber fabrication company using cam/cnc fabrication technologies and robotics for innovative residential and commercial wood-framed buildings.  He also co-founded and is on the board of the non-profit Digital Fabrication Network, the leading international organization promoting advanced-manufacturing / computer-aided-manufacturing in the $8.5 trillion global construction industry.  He co-founded and is a board member of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Hackathon organization and events (9 AEC Hackathons thus far with upcoming events in New York, Finland and San Francisco).  He also recently co-organized two virtual reality hackathons in Seattle.