Thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors for a GREAT Expo at IMMERSE.  There was a huge variety of medicine, business, CAE, entertainment, gaming,  training, audio design, and more.


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment is a 2 year non profit video game college.


AMD’s VR Ready Premium solutions set the bar for enabling premium experiences on high-end VR games, entertainment, and applications.

Anatomy Next

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Anatomy Next is building anatomically correct digital assets, developing interactive web based tools and augmented reality experiences for medical education.

APCO Worldwide

APCO Worldwide is an independent communication, stakeholder engagement and business strategy firm. We help our clients succeed in an ever-changing environment through compelling and engaging communication that challenges conventional thinking.


City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

ARVRUS is multi-channel distribution platform for VR 360° content that enables brands, agencies, and filmmakers to quickly publish content across mobile, desktop, and social VR platforms in just a few clicks.

BNBuilders, Inc.

BNBuilders is known for their innovative solutions to highly technical issues, comprehensive preconstruction services, passion for sustainable construction practices, and commitment to safety.

Booz Allen Hamilton

We at Booz Allen Hamilton serve our clients as their essential partner, solving problems and reimagining the art of the possible.


CH2M brings world-class solutions to meet complex infrastructure challenges of their public and private sector clients. CH2M is a global leader in implementing virtual reality technologies in infrastructure projects.

City of Bellevue

Bellevue is a tech-focused community and growth platform for new immersive technology and enterprise software. We believe in fresh ideas and invite you to make history with us.

Cndy Factory

The is an emerging growth technology company and global network with a focus on augmented and virtual reality tools, content production, syndication, apps and analytics.

cognitive VR

cognitiveVR is the leading analytics platform for virtual reality. Our innovative tools provide the capability to collect the visual engagement of users, measure their behavior, and influence that behavior.

CoMotion at the University of Washington

CoMotion at the UW is the collaborative innovation hub to expand the societal impact of the UW community by developing and connecting local and global innovation ecosystems.

Doghead Simulations

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Doghead Simulations uses virtual reality to help business teams to travel less, ignite collaboration, and improve productivity.

Dynamic Language

30 years. 150 languages. Thousands of satisfied clients. Dynamic Language helps you do business in a multilingual world.

Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County

The EDC of Seattle & King County provides free consulting services to businesses seeking to relocate, grow, or establish in King County.

Envelop VR

Envelop VR is a software company creating new ways for businesses and consumers to use virtual reality as a platform to work, create, and play.


Filter helps top brands execute digital marketing. We are bold in our thinking, fearless in our approach, and fired up to solve today’s digital marketing challenges. Join us, and let’s get to work.

foundry 10

Foundry10 is dedicated to expanding what it means to learn. In any subject, for any student.


FOVE is the developer of the world’s first eye-tracking VR headset. From hardware to firmware and SDK, FOVE understands the challenges and opportunities of eye-tracking better than anyone else.

GLY Construction

GLY is a highly respected, locally-owned general contractor rooted in the Northwest culture of innovation and creativity since 1967.

Greenlight Insights – VR Strategy Conference 2016

The Virtual Reality Strategy Conference takes place Nov. 1-2, in San Francisco, VRS 2016 features the latest proprietary research from Greenlight Insights.

High Fidelity

In less time than it takes to deploy a website, everyone–makers, artists, students and enthusiasts–can launch and share a virtual reality environment.

IDEAbuilder Homes

A High Tech Building Company that is leading American innovation for more efficient building

Invrse Studios

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Our goal is to make the games that makes players fall in love with VR. We are building immersive Room-Scale content that will raise the standard for VR entertainment!


City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Laborbot is a VR/AR and robotics platform company with a mission to change the face of labor by increasing its value, expanding its accessibility, and improving its quality for workers, consumers, and business partners through Telelabor, Workcenters, and future-focused innovation.

Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ®

Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ® is an experienced technology provider who has successfully commercialized numerous stereoscopic products.

Madrona Venture Group

Madrona invests in early stage companies across the technology spectrum, including AR and VR based companies.

Mechanical Dreams VR

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Mechanical Dreams VR is a cinematic VR content start up that champions original voices and produces innovative content that challenges, disrupts, delights, and entertains. We aim to change the world. Join us.


City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Rediscover the internet in a community of customizable virtual spaces. Watch videos, read articles, & listen to music with friends in a realistic & fun VR experience.


With our low power 60GHz chipset integrated with our micro-second latency, visually lossless codec designed specifically for VR and AR, Nitero is the industry’s only pure-play WirelessVR semiconductor company.

Nullspace VR

NullSpace VR produces a jacket and gloves with tracking and haptic feedback fully across the upper body which allows users to touch and feel virtual objects in 3d space.

Perilous Orbit

Perilous Orbit is a VR-centric game & experience design and development studio with offices in Seattle & Los Angeles. Focused on creating high quality immersive experiences with partners around the world.

Perkins Coie LLP

Perkins Coie, the largest law firm in the Puget Sound area, Perkins Coie works with clients in nearly every technology sector, including augmented and virtual reality, interactive entertainment, hardware, software and mobile app development.


PlayFab provides everything you need to operate your game in a single, highly-scalable back-end platform.

Pluto VR

With Pluto, you’ll be able to communicate, collaborate, and connect with anyone anywhere, as if you were together in person.

Qualcomm Ventures

We invest in entrepreneurs building the next disruptive technologies.

Seattle VR Hackathon

The VR Hackathon provides an exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life.

Serious Insights

Serious Insights combines experience with data to create compelling thought leadership that engages customers and drives client strategy.

Serious Simulations

Serious Simulations, LLC designs and manufactures professional grade Virtual Reality, full human motion, completely wireless training systems for immersive training of complex or dangerous tasks.


Streambox delivers mobile video everywhere, allowing companies and organizations to broadcast, share, and stream video from anywhere with unlimited scalability at lower costs.

Studio 216

Studio 216 is an immersive technology agency at the forefront of the virtual frontier.

Tactical Haptics

Tactical Haptics is commercializing haptic game controllers to provide touch feedback that is more realistic than industry-standard Rumble (vibration) feedback to create fully immersive experiences in virtual reality.

The Graffter

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Shazam of buildings . The first image recognition and augmented reality platform that transforms buildings into a new communication channel, creating the most innovative mobile advertising and urban experiences.

Underminer Studios

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Creative genius behind cutting-edge immersive products. Technology applied to more practical efforts to better society. Efficient outsourcing. A decade of game and entertainment industry experience.

Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies is the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance end-to-end development platform used to create rich interactive VR, AR, 3D and 2D experiences.


Upload is on a mission to accelerate the growth of the consumer VR/AR industry and use immersive technology to make a positive global impact.

Valorem Consulting

Valorem is recognized as an award-winning & trusted Microsoft Partner serving customers worldwide. As a leader in digital innovation, we transform businesses and deliver impact through honest commitment to our customers.

Verge of Brilliance

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Verge of Brilliance pushes the limits on how games can promote meaningful experiences using today’s technology. Our games are typically highly experimental, social, and work with today’s promising emerging technology.


City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

VIAR provides end-to-end solutions to Cinematic VR producers with their interactive storytelling platform and customizable cardboard VR viewers.

Virtual Reality Reporter

Virtual Reality Reporter is a news media outlet & community covering virtual reality, augmented reality, VR storytelling, 360 video, immersive technology!

Virtual World Society

The Virtual World Society (VWS) is a global network of pioneers, developers, resources, events and organizations that are committed to advancing the power of virtual worlds for the good of society.

Visual Vocal

V|V leverages mobile VR to facilitate communication and accelerate decision-making for large-scale projects in the Architecture, Construction, and Manufacturing industries.


VOKE is a cutting edge virtual reality company, based in Silicon Valley, that is focused on building the next generation of fan engagement for live sports and entertainment.

VR Chat

VRChat is a platform for creating and sharing social virtual worlds. Make friends, explore worlds, play games and customize yourself!

VR Sports

VR Sports makes “Smackitball” — the first full-body, multiplayer, modern VR game.

VR Voice Media

VR Voice keeps you informed on all important developments in the emerging virtual and augmented reality industries. Authoritative and insightful, we bring you the best information, original content, expert interviews, news, events, community and the latest research that keeps you connected to industry innovators shaping the future.


We are educating our clients on how to leverage branding and story-telling
through innovative VR and AR Technologies increasing engagement and loyalty.

Our R&D department is working to develop a platform that would allow to do “ethical self-brain hacking” for training, education, and health care.


VREAL is the first platform for VR game streaming and discovery that transforms private virtual worlds into shareable, discoverable experiences.

VRidge, Inc.

VRidge Incorporated is the company behind VRAVO! the first virtual reality tele-presentations platform for corporate and education.


VRstudios® is a wireless, full-motion, positional tracking, multi-participant, virtual reality development and presentation platform that is delivering solutions for serious business applications for entertainment venues and commercial enterprises.


Vulcan Capital is the multi-billion dollar investment arm of Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen.

Washington Interactive Network

Washington Interactive Network is a nonprofit organization at the hub of our vibrant and growing interactive media industry.Today Washington State’s industry boasts over 330 companies and over $19 Billion in revenue and is a global leader for interactive media development and IP creation.


WinHUGR is a community interested in and sharing knowledge of the Windows Holographic platform and the solutions and devices running on it and the tools used to create for it.

Wobbly Duck Studios

City of Bellevue Start Up Arena

Wobbly Duck Studios is a one person indie VR game development company. The first product, “Spellbound”, is now available for purchase on Steam.


WTIA is a non-profit trade group serving the tech industry in WA state. Our primary purpose is to provide access to higher-wage, tech industry jobs for Washington residents.