Eva Hoerth

Developer Evangelist


Eva is a Developer Evangelist at VREAL where she spends everyday building friendships with insanely awesome VR creators Eva organizes Seattle’s VR and Women in VR Meetups, workshops, and hackathons to ensure that anyone and everyone has access to VR hardware and knowledge. When blessed with spare time, Eva researches the nature of social interactions in VR games and applications to understand how to create comfortable and intuitive virtual worlds that foster friendships. Eva has shown VR to over 500 people by now. Showing VR to new people is her jam. You can find Eva at pretty much every VR event in Seattle; she’s the short girl with red hair and Vive creases on her face. Go say hi! And if you ever have questions about VR, what it is, and how to get involved or try it for the first time, feel free to send a message to eva@vreal.io.