Bob Berry

Envelop VR


A serial entrepreneur with a proven track record and skill set that spans game and real-time 3D engine design, software and business development, crowdfunding, virtual reality technology, and web and back-end services development, Bob has been a leader in the software industry for over two decades.  Having founded and managed various gaming and game service companies including Uber Entertainment and PlayFab, which spun out of Uber in early 2014, Bob is now onto his 4th company with Envelop VR.

Envelop VR is a software company creating new ways for businesses and consumers to use virtual reality as a platform to work, create, and play. A Ph.D candidate at Gifu University in Japan, Bob studied virtual reality in the late 90s, and is leveraging this considerable experience to create enterprise and productivity software that takes advantage of the strengths of VR, producing experiences that are simply impossible in other mediums, all while making it easier to create these experiences. A key feature of the software will allow virtual reality (VR) content developers to work and create content while in their own 3D, immersive environment (VRinVR).